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The Evolution of Smartvel Travel Restrictions and Widget Solution in 2021, and the Predictions for 2022!

Analyzing on behalf of All Over Trip and saying that for Smartvel, 2021 could be credited as one of the best years wouldn’t be wrong, Smartvel is a technology company in the tourism industry that deserves to be told. How a company manages to grow by 132% in 2021 that in February 2020 was selling destination content to airlines, travel agencies, hotel chains, etc.?

The aim of Smartvel was always to help the travelers experience the travel to the fullest. Through innovation and agility, their team in 2020 worked together to address the travel community’s needs, further leading it to the development of their Travel Restrictions API. It is believed that this tool can then play a key role that could help travel recover, confidently, and safely. Travel Companies - Travelers Restriction

The Journey to Travel Restrictions API and Widget of Smartvel

Taking the history of Smartvel in context, then the history gets back to 8 years ago when Smartvel was born, having a purpose of creating a semi-automatic content system that with all the relevant information about a destination could inspire travelers. The content was considered to have the relevance to sightseeing, and places that one should visit, and most importantly, it had the inclusion of a live agenda of that destination’s musicals, exhibitions, markets, fairs, concerts, and everything that is there going on while in that specific destination, and that cannot be found in any of the travel guides.

While back in March 2020, there was no relevance of that content since the markets opened up, there was a need by the travel companies to stimulate demand, and the most obvious factor was answering the main question that was asked by the post-pandemic travelers, which was related to if they can travel and what do they need for traveling?

Back in May 2020 first travel restrictions API MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was released by Smartvel. While further in the following months, the two of the largest airlines of the world had their reliance on the technology of Smartvel and COVID regulatory content, during 2021 different other airlines, OTAs, hotel chains, cruise lines, travel insurance companies, laboratories made their joining.

COVID Vigilance, And How It is Necessary for Travel Providers

In 2020, 2021, and even today the content on travel restrictions had its relevance. It was recognized by the industry that the COVID restrictions will still be there. One of the things that were highlighted was how the border closures are expected to have a stay, and travel brands will be needed to be ready for the reduction of uncertainty as well as helping travelers.

There also lies some of the facts that can further illustrate this. Back in 2021, the company was able to manage an average of 100 daily changes in their systems that were then updated on average below 2.5 hours after they had their first detection in their system in its hourly checks. Furthermore, there lied many peaks too and it also is relevant to further mention that the variety of changes had their dependence on the country, there were more changes than days in a month by some countries.

In all these months, Smartvel Travel Restrictions Widget and API solutions made their evolution, adaption to the regulatory complexities as well as the consumer needs to become one of the most widely trusted and used solutions in the market.

2021 and Top 5 Travel Restrictions Solution Developments

A widget that has more Personalized Answers for each Traveler

Different local regulations have been created by the countries and relevant changes are made by them according to the impact of the different waves. Providing travelers with information about their situation is the main thing. The solution of Smartvel has its ability to respond to the thousands of possible combinations per city pair, which are dependent on the destination, origin, nationality, vaccination status, and residence.

Structured Data Acquired by the API

With the increment in the need of the travel agencies, in particular, airlines have needed for integrating the travel restrictions into the various stages of their customer journey, there has been an increment in the use of travel restrictions content. This concludes a growth in use cases as well as the need to have the travel restrictions API information that is very structured for developing a complete integration. And, so, there has been a considerable expansion in the use of the content for emails, chatbots, or streamlining the onboarding process.Travel Companies - Travelers Restriction

Added Widget Customization Capability

While talking about customization, the meaning isn’t only integrating the solution with the websites of the clients and later adapting it to their brand image. There lies some rules, conditions, or regulations that are unique to each client that is needed for being enclosed in the general restrictions’ content. For this reason, the company’s widget has its preparation for creating new categories that are for customer-specific information.

Local Regulations, Transit information, Previous Stays

There are many factors on which COVID regulations will be dependent that should be accounted for by the companies for providing a piece of complete information to their travelers for avoiding different surprises. Some of those factors are considered as the potential requirements that have their regard with the forms or tests when the air transits are taking place or in conditions where previously traveler has been in other countries.

More Use Cases and Integrations

The company has a strong belief that its products are solidified by securing partnerships with key players in the industry. Hence, they have partnered up with the top companies in the travel industry for providing the best available fares, and visa information, and to secure the offline process at the airports.Travel Companies - Travelers Restriction

2022 – A Year for Making the Recovery Stay

While the industry is convinced that the company is on the road to recovery even though there is Omicron, it is also supposed to acknowledge that the regulations will support the country, and even if it is not forever but it will be for a long upcoming time. This is the reason why the travel companies must mark their continuation for building the trust among their travelers by providing a piece of information that is completely updated.

It is also stated to be crucial that the information can be easily read, as end-users only read what they think is strictly necessary. While very often new needs come, an example of this is having a complete understanding of what is considered by every country to be fully vaccinated is becoming challenging, and the company is addressing that with their APIs and widgets.

It is to be seen that during the year 2022, Smartvel will have a continuation of their work on providing travel companies with all the information that is needed by the travelers, let that be an inspiration, pricing, and regulations.